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Our Story Begins With Food And Friendship


Cucina Migrante began when Adisa first tasted Francesco’s cooking. With a flavorful meal came interesting conversations about the importance of food, the dining experience, the mutual connection of those who love culture and travel. Before you knew it, they had founded Cucina Migrante, to build a community of people who, like them, value social interaction, traveling, and
great food.

Isn’t a meal as much about the wonderful recipes as the great company in which you enjoy them? Doesn’t a vacation become more wonderful when you interact with locals and eat authentic food in hidden restaurants? We wanted to create easier ways for people to have these rich cultural experiences. Through Cucina Migrante, people interested in the world around them can learn more about the world and each other.

One-Of-A-Kind Social Events and Fantastic Journeys That Begin With a Shared Love of Delicious Food

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Cucina Migrante provides private chef services, creative culinary and social events, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest in the world.

Our chefs hand pick all the ingredients from local farmers market daily.

We offer monthly pop up dinners, cooking classes, private dinner parties, and touristic adventures throughout California and Italy.

Our Special Recipe: Delicious Food + Interesting People + Cultural Curiosity + Human Connection

We believe food is the ultimate human connector. We take inspiration from the wonder of Mediterranean food and world cultures to offer creative social adventures. Whether sitting
around a beautiful dinner table or out on an exploration tour, we connect people – from California to Italy – with unforgettable experiences and each other.

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Our Approach: Quality Food is Our pride

We Proudly Support our Local Food System!

Our Chefs prepare our dishes using only the best local, sustainable, organic and seasonal ingredients. Our cooking approach is local to the core. We promise to provide a real farm to fork experience thanks to the collaboration between our team and local farms and ranches

We Strongly Believe in Food Education!

We support health and food preparation education for foster and orphaned children in Mexico and Baja California. We participate in various fundraising efforts and a portion of proceeds from some of our events is dedicated to this effort. For more information, please contact us.

Meet The Founders

Francesco Bonsi


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Some consider him the unofficial Sicilian ambassador to San Diego; the fact is, you will never meet someone who brings more Italian free-wheeling spirit and adventure to the kitchen than Chef Francesco. In Italy, a meal is never just a meal, it’s a social exchange, a valuable part of the day, and worth putting love and great care into. You’ll see him doing this, whether carefully sourcing ingredients at the local farmer’s market for his next event, or concentrating over a pan, finding a new way to fuse traditional Mediterranean flavors with another culture’s. Prepare to travel the world through his dishes. In his kitchen, anything can happen!

Adisa Ziric



Adisa is the catalyst for our social gatherings, whether it’s an artistically inspired international dinner or an adventurous road trip through Southern California. Adisa’s dedication to travel, cultures and people is the result of a life spent in various countries. Under her direction, you’ll find Cucina Migrante dinners embrace diversity, lively conversation, and fascinating cultural exchanges. Before Cucina Migrante, Adisa worked alongside a vegan private chef and she is a certified yoga instructor. Ask her about her passion for raw foods, she’d love to introduce you to some of her favorite recipes. With good food, good people, and open hearts she believes all things are possible.

~ Buon Appetito e Buon Viaggio! ~

~ Adisa & Francesco ~