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Chef Secrets to Make Your Dinner Party a Success

Hosting a dinner party can be a daunting task! We’ve prepared some insider tips, featuring advice from our own Personal Chef, on how you can have a stress free evening and enjoy a beautiful night with your guests and family. From selecting the food, to setting the dinner table and choosing your cocktails and playlist, we outlined all the necessities for you to host an amazing party your guests will remember!

It all starts with great food!

Great food is the main ingredient in our perfect dinner party mix! From appetizers, savory dishes and desserts your guests expect it all! Hiring a personal chef can be the best decision you can make and could be more affordable than you think. Not only can a personal chef help you to carefully plan the menu, but they can also help with ideas for the table setting and general ambiance for the dinner party. Many chefs can provide mixologists and bartenders as part of their services. Hiring a personal chef varies in cost and often can be much more affordable than dining out, especially when cocktails are part of the service.

Focus on being a good host

The mood of the host will set the entire tone of the party. A cheery talkative and relaxed host will make their guest feel cheery and relaxed. A stressed host is a nightmare for everyone! Hiring a personal chef to handle the cooking can eliminate a lot of the stress and will allow you to focus on being the best version of yourself and create the best experience for your guests.

Set the table right

How and where the food will be served tells us a lot about the party. Think about the theme and purpose of the gathering.  Is it a more casual party, a formal dinner party, a fun birthday celebration? When choosing the table setting make sure your guests have enough room and are not cramped. It’s important to create a setting that allows for good conversation and seat compatible people next to each other if the seating is assigned. If you are working with a personal chef they can help advise how the food should be served and can assist with coordinating the table setting with the menu.


Choose the right playlist for your dinner party or we recommend hiring a private DJ if it is in your budget. It can be a real treat for your guests and can make your party extremely memorable and special. We recommend downtempo chill beats but you should definitely take your guests preferences into consideration and be flexible about your choices. Have some music options. Personally, we think that vinyl pairs excellent with food and wine!  

Connect your guests

Lively conversation during and after your dinner is a sign of a successful dinner party. Take a moment to connect with your guests and introduce them to each other. Point out similarities and common interests of your guests rather than just introducing them by name. Create a comfortable space where guests feel free to open up and meet others. Keep this in mind when you choose the seating at your table and if possible get a large square table instead of long rectangular one, as it allows for more interaction between all.

Serve drinks immediately

Serve drinks immediately as guests arrive and have alcoholic and nonalcoholic options. Wine is always a great dinner choice and a few cocktail options should ensure that no one is left out. If you are working with a private chef, he or she most likely has a mixologist they can recommend or work with, or can at least help you to identify what drinks would be best with the food.

Implement our tips for your next dinner party and create an amazing evening your guests will keep talking about. Contact Cucina Migrante and find out how we can help make your event 100% stress free for you!